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Our mission is to assist businesses in comprehending their strengths and potentials, as well as identifying areas that need improvement. We approach companies holistically, viewing them as interconnected systems rather than isolated processes. This perspective enables us to pinpoint areas that require immediate attention and provide guidance on how to optimize positive areas, particularly those with a greater impact on maximizing profits. Let us help you reach your full potential and achieve greater success.

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Oil Facilities Bid Process

Leading the bid process of Curacao's Refineria Di Korsou and Bullenbaai oil storage terminal. The project includes operational, financial, and start-up plans for both facilities. The storage terminal will hold 10 million barrels and provide services for oil products, while the refinery will produce various oil derivatives with a capacity of 240 Kbpd. The project aims to ensure efficient and safe operations while also achieving financial sustainability and best practices.

Oil&Gas Projects

The project's exploration and production services cover all areas, starting with zero-base initiatives and progressing to volumetric quantification of resources based on probabilistic analyses, preliminary estimation of reserves, and determination of opportunities and risks. The project also specializes in midstream operations, such as transportation and storage, and has conducted in-depth studies in countries like Colombia and Panama.

Expert Network

To optimize business operations at a Miami-based restoration company, CRM and ERP systems were integrated to improve process efficiency. The project targeted a 30% reduction in operational costs and optimized account receivables from 180 to 60 days. By identifying process bottlenecks, mapping business processes, and implementing technological and operational solutions, the project streamlined operations.

Software Development

The software solution developed for drilling operation activities included modules for operations, finance, time sheet, and analytics. It was designed to handle up to 150 active rigs to consolidate the End-of-well report EOW. The software's synchronizing process enabled efficient transmission of EOW reports and it could operate both online and offline. The solution was developed using the latest technologies and was designed to be scalable and adaptable to future changes.

Data Integration

Our team worked on a significant project for one of the most important oil service companies in the USA. We focused on drilling operation big data integration, front end developments, and database optimization. Our expertise allowed us to create a streamlined and efficient system for managing large amounts of data. We worked closely with our client to deliver a high-quality solution that met their specific needs and was completed within budget and on time.

Fito Medics Market entry

Fito Medics, a pharmaceutical company, engaged our services to design a plan for their entry into the US market. Our team worked closely with Fito Medics to provide legal process guidance, feasibility analysis, and starting up operation assistance necessary for their expansion into Florida. We ensured that their plan aligned with their goals and vision for the company, with the intention of expanding along the east coast. Our team provided a comprehensive plan to guide their future growth.

R&E Transportation

One recent project we completed for R&E, a transport company located in Miami - Florida, involved a business valuation, operation process improvement, and company restructuring. Through our work, we were able to identify areas where R&E could streamline their operations, resulting in an annual savings of over 1 million USD. Additionally, our team developed a sales plan to help R&E increase revenue and expand their reach.

La Rosa Restaurant

Our team recently had the opportunity to work with La Rosa Restaurant, a small business located in Miami, Florida. Through a deep restructuring process, we were able to help La Rosa increase revenue, optimize cash flows, and reduce costs and inventories. We implemented new processes that included technological solutions to streamline operations. Our goal was to provide La Rosa with the tools and strategies needed to succeed.

Franchise: Dr. Limon

Our team had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Limon, a franchise located in South Florida, to optimize their business processes and improve cash flow. By identifying areas where they could streamline operations, we were able to help Don Limon free up cash to reinvest in growing their business. Our team's expertise and tailored solutions allowed Don Limon to achieve their objectives and position themselves for future success.

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